Sela Revives the Lives of Two Young Females Who Almost Got Forgotten in a Lonesome House

08 Mar 2020

Sela Revives the Lives of Two Young Females Who Almost Got Forgotten in a Lonesome House

People continually dream of traveling, making loads of money to achieve their desires, studying in the most prestigious universities in the world, or living in a vast castle shadowed by the blue sky, feeling stress-free.

However, some people cannot afford to dream luxurious dreams living on the world's margins and only wish for a safe roof to shelter them. They hope one day, they will sleep and wake up in the morning without being afraid or crushed by their roof.

Having a proper shelter for Suknah and Amal is a big dream that they have been longing for since the beginning. Suknah and Amal live in a house that does not provide enough food nor shelters them from extreme cold and hot weather. The death of their parents doubled their pain.

These two young females live in the Mughairy region, in the east of Beirut- the Lebanese capital, a life that lacks basic human needs; in other words, "living dead." Their house is crumbling and consists of a cracked roof inhabited by insects and snakes in the summer and does not shelter them from the biting cold in winter. It feels as if the walls are screaming out, "help these two females, I cannot do it nor they can tolerate anymore!"

Therefore, Sela responded to the call and started a relief operation to rescue these two young females from their challenging economic situation by renting a house that befits their humanity with the help of an anonymous benefactor.

Moreover, Sela furnished the house with a full furniture set, including a salon, bedrooms, electrical and household appliances, clothes and other tools that they may need. In addition to finding a job for Amal to work from home and enrolling Suknah in "Sewing and Fashion Designing Course" training at Khoyout Factory