About us

Sela started as a humanitarian initiative to relieve women and children. The target that is usually affected most by poverty and different forms of suffering. These misfortunes leave severe and negative impacts on their economic and social well-being, as well as their physical and mental health.

Sela is one of the leading organizations in human development, which reconnects vulnerable children and women to society with transparency and professional credibility.



Our mission

Our mission is to empower women and build a promising future for children.


Our Vision

Sela hopes to be a global role model in the field of empowering women and children. Moreover, show the world the true potential of women and children through implementing various projects and programs with transparency and professionalism.

Our goals


Encourage women to lead influential roles...
Prepare women to pursue a respectable and safe living...
Provide the vulnerable and deprived women...
Train women to develop academic and career skills...