Dream Came True

17 Sep 2020

People will find it hard to write nonstop even when using both hands. However, Samah has another opinion as she confidently writes nonstop using her legs only. She focuses on her little diary, not paying attention to those surrounding her with eyes wide open. We have witnessed that scene during the implementation of the Literacy and Numeracy Learning Course as part of the Be Yourself project.

At first, Samah did not know that her mother had registered her. However, that did not surprise her because she knew that this opportunity would help her learn more. Samah considers her mother a source of strength and power, so she appreciated her initiative. 

Samah was born without arms because of a medical error during her mother’s pregnancy period. Nevertheless, she has a clear image of true happiness. She knows that feeling down will only push her backward. Therefore, she always wears a smile on her face.

Samah dreams of enjoying everyday life privileges like hanging out with friends, studying, feeling loved and going on adventures. Therefore, Sela decided to introduce Samah to Balsama Health Care Center (Prosthesis and Physical Therapy) to help her get an artificial limb and live her dream.

Then, Sela studied her case in detail and prepared a report showing the surgeries and implantation cost, explaining her need for an artificial arm. Furthermore, Mrs. Amal Hasan, Director of Sela, presented the report to benefactors and raised the money.

Delivering the good news to Samah lifted our spirits.

On Saturday 13-5-2017, Mrs. Amal Hasan accompanied Samah and her mother to Balsama Health Care Center to surprise them with the good news and ask them to receive the donations from the Islamic International Charity Organization- Kuwait.

Samah’s life is a sum of words such as unbreakable determination, pain, smiles, and will. She upgraded it for new hope and opportunities by receiving a new limb. Thankfully, She engraved this moment into her heart forever.

Finally, Sela expresses its profound gratitude towards the delegation from the Islamic International Charity Organization- Kuwait.