Gem of the universe

10 Dec 2021
"The best part of the universe is summed up with a happy woman who lives a safe and dignified life in a society that embraces and values her."
Protecting women and preserving their rights are at the heart of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948 constituted a strong influence on women's rights. It recognized the principle of equality between men and women. He encouraged the issuance of several international conventions concerned with women, most notably the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women "CEDAW," which is considered the International Bill of Women's Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1979 and enforced in September 1981. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the Convention on the Declaration of Eliminating Violence against Women in 1993.
Women's right to live a safe and dignified life;
Women are the nucleus of society and the foundation for the development and progress of communities. They are the partner of men in building the future and the leading mother who can adequately raise the youth of society- her role is no less important than the role of men in society. She draws her future and enjoys a safe and dignified life away from fear and exploitation.
Therefore, women must exercise and realize their full rights, as they often face issues related to the concepts of women’s rights: the right to feel safe physically and psychologically, the right to enjoy comfort, and freedom to express themselves without fear of prejudice or harm, the right to education, which is reflected positively on raising their level of awareness. Reducing early marriages and raising the standard of living, the right to adequate housing, the right to health and necessary medical care, reproductive rights, the right to grant citizenship to her children like the father, the right to property, the right to conclude legal contracts, the right to work and equal wages. Have access to the right of political participation Full and effective, such as running for elections and voting. Have access to the right to assume public office and perform all general tasks such as occupying the highest positions in ministries, civil service, public administration, and equal opportunities in leadership at all levels of cultural, social, and economic decision-making.
It is worth noting that giving women their rights is not limited to providing them with opportunities only but also includes changing the way society deals with them, including adopting new policies and taking care of their organizations. Hopefully, these steps will contribute to the prosperity and progress of humanity.
Society's embrace of women and their capabilities;
Society remains safe as long as it embraces women and develops their capabilities. The renaissance and development of culture can only be achieved with women next to men and equality between them, as empowering them and enhancing their role has become an urgent necessity to be an influential member and an active element in the process of renaissance and development.
Therefore, all necessary measures must be adopted to secure their rights, including economic, social, and cultural laws and policies to combat all forms of racial discrimination against women and help them merge with society equally with men in the field of work and education. Significantly providing them with the opportunity to learn dramatically reduces the phenomenon of early marriage ( A girl who marries at a young age is more vulnerable to domestic violence, suffers from economic and health problems, and is less likely to stay in school. Allowing her to work provides a vital opportunity to gain different experiences in community relations, which positively reflects on her life, gives a sense of accomplishment, and increases her Self-esteem and self-development, especially when she can balance work and family. Family education must also include a sound understanding of motherhood as a social function to recognize that the upbringing of children is a joint responsibility of the father and mother, taking into account the child's best interests.
It requires encouraging and supporting women to participate in politics, which leads to the addition of values and principles related to achieving equity, cooperation, and increasing responsiveness to citizens' requirements. It also has a significant impact on enacting more laws and policies that prioritize families, women, and children.
It is also necessary to ensure her access to social, moral, and legal support and help her obtain safe services specialized in responding to cases of gender-based violence. Many women are at risk of violence at home or work; for example, (violence at work affects a woman's ability to find and keep a job plus increases her productivity).
In addition, it requires taking all necessary measures, including legislative ones, to combat all forms of trafficking and exploitation of women and protect women, especially in times of war, occupation, and conflict.
The role of institutions and associations in supporting and empowering them in the absence of the breadwinner;
The primary role of institutions and associations in supporting and empowering women is highlighted by developing programs and procedures aimed at education and raising awareness in society by holding seminars and conferences aimed at continuous awareness and legal literacy for girls and women, especially in the absence of a breadwinner.
Institutions and associations support victims of violence, especially assaulted girls and women, by providing medical, psychological, and legal services to help them and enable them to find ways to live in dignity and safety.
In addition, prepare media campaigns to eliminate harmful practices for young girls, including the phenomenon of early marriage. For example, educate society about the adverse effects of this marriage and work on socialization to raise awareness, especially in rural areas, about the importance of women’s participation in society and ensure that they receive a quality and equitable education.
Institutions and associations also play a crucial role in empowering women by supporting small businesses for housewives and helping them to market products. Empower women with the latest technology by developing policies to help them keep pace with future developments and preparing a framework for an integrated approach to support growing women's contribution to entrepreneurship. Implement campaigns to highlight the importance of women's entrepreneurship and its value to the economy and society and encourage them to work.
Educate society about the importance of women's roles. Therefore, all institutions of society must positively play this role and work to remove all difficulties that prevent women from empowering women and providing them with information and awareness on issues related to all their rights.


Dr. Patricia Al-Kazi
Ph.D. in Private International Law
Université de Rennes 1 - France
Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University
Appeal attorney