Volunteerism leads to success!

05 Dec 2020

One day I knocked at Sela's door with enthusiasm. Their humanitarian work with women and children and their training to help their volunteers advance led me to them.

A kind lady welcomed me on that day and asked how she can help me.

I answered her in confidence: "I want to volunteer at Sela."

She replied: "you are very welcomed."

So I grabbed my pen to write down my personal information and my humble experience in humanitarian work as the kind lady explained about Sela's mission and vision.

I did not know that this moment would be my first step towards success.

Ladies and gentlemen,

They say volunteerism is the noblest humanitarian work ever. It flourishes the mind and soul and promotes knowledge by opening new routes for the volunteers and leading them to success.

Volunteerism is a sweet talk that never ends, but today I would like to share my story about volunteering at Sela to reassure you that volunteerism is a great deal.

I will never forget my first participation in Sela's activities with the help of its volunteers in summer 2018.

The first page of the chapter of volunteering started in that summer when 300 children joined to have fun and play.

The activity was filled with laughter, smiles, songs, games, and gifts by the staff and volunteers' efforts.

Precious moments are never forgotten. I still recall the joyful smiles on their faces, which they engraved in their innocent hearts forever.

Although I am an adult, my first activity with Sela reminded me of my precious childhood memories.

It is always lovely to see people happy, but it is better to be the reason behind their happiness without expecting anything in return.

Usually, when people spend their effort and time on something, they don't expect to be rewarded generously; however, the humanitarian work proved it wrong. My body was aching, and I was tired at that time, but whenever I saw their eyes smiling (children) back at me as they kept bouncing in joy, I would forget everything and focus on their smiles. That was my first participation in Sela's activities, where we all were happy.

A few days later, Sela organized a huge festival, and of course, I participated without hesitation.

Thousands of people, adults, and children, from across Lebanon came to celebrate Adha Eid and join the festival.

"Happy Together" festival is one of the big festivals that brought thousands of people from different regions altogether.

I have never met so many people like this nor took care of hundreds of children who enjoyed playing in the inflatable games. 

The beauty of their joy alongside their families was enough to make me happy and comfortable.

While preparing for the festival, Sela's administration asked me to stand in front of the camera to advertise it. I didn't have much experience at that time, and I was nervous, but I encouraged myself to do my best.

What did I gain after joining Sela's volunteers, and what did they add to my social and volunteerism experience?

Listen, if you want to succeed, be courageous, participate, fail, rise again, be happy for others, and help them, only then will you advance.

The key to free my courage was stuck in a lock attached to the door of my success. And I didn't figure where it was until joining Sela and seizing many opportunities.

The realm that I have entered through Sela's work was strange and innocent. The people there are tired. The orphan children, who lost their families, were deprived of their early childhood privileges like education, parents' warm embrace, and grief was feeding on their souls that still welcomed others with kindness and generosity.

Even the widows had to fight their lingering feelings for their loved ones in despair.

In addition to those who fled wars, fight chronic diseases, older people, and many other tragedies. Many nationalities and innocent souls sought refuge in Lebanon.

Therefore, Sela and its volunteers decided to implement projects and aid vulnerable people, especially women and children, to bring happiness into their lives again.

I am proud to say that I have never felt like a stranger at Sela since I joined them for three years, and I enjoy being a part of this outstanding team of volunteers and staff.

Sela is my 2nd family who taught me to spread love and treat people in a kind, loving way based on good morals away from discrimination and its negative impacts on the whole world.

It also encouraged me to pursue my law studies to defend the rights of people.

Moreover, Sela offered me the opportunity to expand my social circle and make wonderful new friends.

The training I attended at Sela for volunteers helped me gain new skills like teaching lessons to fight illiteracy and exchange my knowledge by training the performers about poem recitation for Sela's events. I also shared my work (books) with Sela.

As a volunteer at Sela, I will always cherish the events we organized in the holy month of Ramadan, festivals, discussions, and most of all, the fruitful cooperation between us all.

Volunteerism is the world of experiences that taught me kindness and skills to support vulnerable people to overcome their sorrow.

Dear fellow human,

God bless those who help people. You do not have to volunteer on papers (volunteering certificates) to do good deeds, prove your goodwill through actions, and don't run short on good deeds because God always hears your prayers and blesses you with infinite blessings when you help people.

Volunteerism is a treasure full of surprises! Don't hesitate to volunteer, for it enriches your mind and soul with knowledge and morals. Think about it, have you ever heard of someone who doesn't care about treasures, especially if it's reachable like volunteerism? So do you still need more reasons to volunteer?

Happy International Volunteer Day!

International Volunteer Day is the day of true humanitarian acts

Writer: Myassar Sanjar