The child Yasmin

14 Jul 2021
Yasmin is a child, 1.5 years old. She has been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome –growth hormone deficiency. Her mother, Mrs. Hanin, discovered her medical condition since birth by taking her to a specialized doctor to discover that her daughter needs continuous follow-up and treatment to grow like other children and carry on with her life like everyone. At this point, the mother paused as she was in shock, depressed, and couldn't stop crying as her daughter's treatment weighs on her shoulders while considering the economic crisis. Yasmin moved poorly; she couldn't sit on the ground or talk, can't focus, and had many other health problems due to her sickness. 
Sela visited Mrs. Hanin's house to see the daughter and understand her medical condition and needs to grow like other children. Sela provided Yasmin with her special milk as per her treatment in addition to pampers and necessary checkups funded by Mr. Abu- Abdullah (God bless him). One year after following up on her condition and treatment, Yasmin started getting better and could move and interact as her body grew. However, the child still needs treatment and special milk for the rest of her life to resume her life and grow. Therefore, she needs your support to sponsor her treatment. 
May you always be good support.