The power of goodness Lies in Humanitarian work

19 Aug 2023

Sela implemented an innovative program focused on financing small and average businesses in Sidon, generously funded by "Muslim Charity." This transformative program serves as a community investment and empowerment strategy implemented by the association and aims to strengthen and empower small and average businesses, believing that they are the backbone of the economy and the main drivers of the workforce.

This initiative is a progressive step toward supporting small and average businesses in the region, as Sela offers grants to help various businesses grow. The program has yielded successful results by introducing five businesses, including two hair salons for women, a bakery, a business selling gas cylinders, and a desert decorations business.

The 'Small Grants' program is a valuable addition to Sela's project portfolio, which continually seeks to serve and empower vulnerable groups. This program falls within the framework of our ongoing efforts to provide support, opportunities, and achieve sustainable development.