Health Comes First, and the Rest Is Minor!

04 Jul 2020

Health Comes First, and the Rest Is Minor!

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 of each year, as declared by the World Health Organization in 1948, to increase health awareness worldwide. Health is an ultimate treasure and a great blessing that not many people feel or appreciate its presence. Many sick people crave wellness while some healthy others do not appreciate or realize its real value until they lose it. Many proverbs speak about health, such as "Good health is a crown on the head of a well person that only a sick person can see," indicating that health is a priceless treasure that cannot be exchanged for money; and "prevention is better than cure." Therefore, health deserves a special day and ultimate devotion from us to increase health awareness around the globe.

The changes in societies' economic structure and the expanding lifestyle of consuming allowed women to participate effectively in large numbers in all sectors' productive life trends. Nevertheless, between the hammer of work tasks and the anvil of domestic duties, working mothers and responsible women live their lives amid difficult challenges and great mental stress. Every morning, at early dawn, a working mother wakes up to tasks, duties, meetings, messages, and work pressure, followed by housework, concerns for her children, and social relationships. Moreover, amid all of that, she must achieve and balance all these tasks entrusted to her. She must be a good wife, an ideal mother and an active partner in every social, political or charitable activity. She must not hesitate to perform her domestic duties besides carrying her professional duties full capacity as a competent worker and a responsible woman.

Furthermore, even if she is not working for financial reasons, she still seeks to achieve herself. However, what about the vortex of "role struggle" women encounter to be mothers, wives and employees? She ends up playing many different roles and creating new concerns regarding her mental health. This struggle leads to a state of "social confusion" in the words of the sociologist "Durkheim," who explains the problem of role-conflict and its psychological/social consequences as a cycle. For example, She will always feel negligent and aspires to fulfill her duties with a higher and more precise focus and a solid will sufficient for her primary role. Hence, she will automatically turn into a conscious person full of determination and the insistence on continuity and success, which leaves a psychological impact on the mother who tries to find a balance between the public and her private life. Thus, women are exposed to multiple stress factors caused by social norms that contradict their work insight, causing anxiety, tension, frustration, maladjustment and role-conflict.

When discussing the prevention of maladjustment and psychological disorders, it is essential to point out the necessity of providing adequate and appropriate support, whether moral or materialistic, for the women who work. Moreover, help establish suitable conditions and environments for them, inconsistent with their customs and traditions, so they can face their problems and find solutions.

Besides, a woman should take care of herself and her body by creating time to sit alone through her daily life schedule to reflect, learns from her mistakes, and develops her skills to acquire new ones.

Moreover, she must manage her time, give everyone the right amount of care, learns the art of meditation and relaxation to maintain excellent and sound mental health and divides house chores among her family members. As well as practicing sports daily since it will help her maintain agility, lite the heavy loads and tension resulting from daily stressful situations. Besides, practice a hobby because it restores vitality and happiness. Furthermore, she needs to participate in activities that nurture her brain, such as reading short stories or poetry books or planning a weekend trip that is simple and refreshing. Also, paying attention to her general appearance will make her feel refreshed and alive.

In conclusion, health is a crown above our heads because wellness is the reason behind fulfilling our responsibilities. The saying "Grant me health and take everything from me" is quite right, so live healthily and take it simple to find joy, live, dream, and enjoy your life, given by God. Seek positivity in your heart, mind and spirit to unlock a quality life, patience, determination, work, love and faith; then, you will capture the hearts of people and achieve happiness.