27 Oct 2022

During October, the Rufaqaa team (Sela's volunteers) organized an awareness campaign to prevent breast cancer entitled "Strive."

The campaign included activities implemented by the team in Khoyout Factory and Ishbilia (culture center) for two days.

The event started with a speech by two volunteers, Myasar and Saera, to talk about the necessity of early breast cancer detection, the importance of follow-up, and raising awareness on this matter. Then Rabab, a dietitian, stressed the role of food, its importance and impact on health, and how to maintain a healthy diet that prevents diseases.

After that, two volunteers named Sarah facilitated a discussion with midwife Hala Hajjir. Hala explained the disease and how to diagnose, deal and prevent it with regular examination.

The team invited a previous breast cancer patient to share her experience and urged women to check up.

The event closed with another participation from a dietitian named Nawal, explaining the significance of sports in maintaining good health.

Last, the attendees were randomly gifted sports club memberships and healthy diet schedule consultations.